The Old Mans Hideout, at Windows Live – Post 1

Greetings for this first post, from The Old Man. I’m the lucky old dude with the Cutie next to me.  We were at a local diner enjoying the day.

This Microsoft Windows Live B-log space is the result of my upgrading to Vista 64-bit Home Premium, and the Microsoft Office Suite that goes with it, the Office 2007 version. Inside Office Suite is a Microsoft freebie add-on’s called Accounting 2008.  It has several features including this B-Log program.  So anyway, might as well try it out. 

Just one tired thought for tonight:  I sure am glad that all this endless, ridiculous, time-wasting "politicking" is about over for 2008, how about you?  Right up front, one candidate wants to give everyone a free house, the other one wants to cut our taxes, both want to give everyone free medical service, and they both want to give the whining bankers, loan sharks, insurance companies and anyone else who can whine loud enough, a trillion dollars for starters, more greenbacks to be printed as the demand arises.  Of course, it’s the taxpayers who are going to foot the bill.  As usual.

Now, I think that’s just absolutely fantastic, brilliant political innovation, for a country that’s flat broke!

And that’s about it for the first post.  😉

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I'll never die because I have so many things to be completed.
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