About that Windows-10 Nag screen…

About That Windows-10 Nag Nag Nag Pop-up…..”

Warning: If you are easily bored regarding computer security, you’ll be asleep shortly.

Both Wife and Daughter had become irritated beyond normal sanity by the incessant nagging pop-up from Microsoft wanting to dump Windows-10 onto their computers, “for free” of course.

Daughters’ computer actually had started installing Windows-10 as part of an “automatic update”. It got stuck so I was able to divert the process, then revert the OS to her preferred Windows-7-Pro without having to reformat and reload from original disks. I then deleted the “ important update” that nagged her computer screen. Then changed her “update preferences” to “manual” so she could avoid the offending windows-10 “update” from automatically loading. (The nag is number “KB3035583”).

Wife also was irritated with the constant Windows-10 nagging pop-up, so I reset her update preferences to not automatically download and install, but just let her check for any updates, choose the ones she wanted, and avoid installing the offending KB3035583 “important update”.

Using your “Google-esque” skills, search terms like; “Windows 10 wiped out all my files”, or “problems with windows 10”, or “Windows-10 key-logger”. Maybe you, like I, are suspicious of anyone wanting to load a key-logger onto your computer. It collects your typing, speech, writing and contacts, and sends them back home for marketing. And if someone wants to load a key-logger onto your computer, why not a “Remote Administration Tool”? If someone is already intent on spying on you, how about the web-cam? Why would they place a limit on how much they want to spy on you?

I have never been a Microsoft hater. I have every version of Windows starting with DOS-2. Including the NT versions, Home Server, Visual Studio 2012, and all the Office Suites up to Version 2010. I also attended regional MSDN courses offered for the past many years.

I’m a MS dinosaur, not an MS hater.

“But”, dinosaurs really hate to be gouged in the ribs every time their computer loads. They just want to go to work. They also hate people, or products, that incessantly badger them when they have work to do. And, like most of you out there, dinosaurs absolutely detest spammers, sneaks and thieves.

This dinosaur had already taken a radically different path to avoid the Microsoft Windows-10 nagging frenzy than most other folks did: I switched this box to Linux.

This box has modest resources since it has been around for quite awhile. 64-bit, Gigabyte X79-UP4 with dual-BIOS, dual video boards, three duplicate hard drives for a total of one TB, (minus the reserved space of course). Only 4-GB RAM, but it runs Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon with all the office and Internet programs on Wi-Fi connectivity very nicely. It is also running one commercial finance program designed for Windows.

After a reasonable learning curve, and a fine users’ manual in .pdf format, Mint works as well as any Windows OS ever did. This box also has a full AV Suite and live Malwarebytes, although most ‘nix folks say those are not necessary. But dinosaurs are careful most of the time so the AV and Malwarebytes stays on board.

If you want to stop Windows-10 nag-pop-up, just reverse update number “KB3035583”.

Or, what the heck; just relax, take the blue pill, go with the flow, and be happy.

Thanks for visiting, now, back to work!

* * * * * * * * * *

Update, 7-29-2016

What were the most memorable, valuable, lessons you learned in grade school?

Kindergarten:  Take a nap, read a book, listen to the teacher, be nice to the other kids.

4th Grade:  “Girls Rule, Boys Drool”.  If you want to get along with the girls, they said their big sisters told them that was rule number one.  So don’t forget it.  There will be tests on that subject later on.   About 12th Grade. Or, what the devil; take the blue pill and forget it.  You’ll be real sorry later on.

Yesterday, at the gentle urging of my number one girl, (wife of course), (“They’re not going to keep supporting Windows-7 Pro, and I just am NOT going to learn Linux, so update my desktop!!!!).  Her desktop was updated to Windows-10.  By me.  No more discussion.   “Girls rule, boys drool”, I’m happy.    Also, yesterday, another of my number one girls updated her desktop, and her husband updated his laptop.  Daughter said she didn’t need to repeat the same thing her Mom said, so like it or lump it.  “Girls Rule, Boys Drool”.

So today I’m also updating Wife’s laptop (which I had borrowed, appropriated, pirated, stolen, long ago, to use while watching TV) to W-10 in case I crater some day then she won’t have to flip back and forth between her desktop W-10 and the laptop W-7-Pro.  In case she needs to use it.

“BTW”, all those features spoken of as invasive, nosey, personal tracking, key-logging, spam-magnets, etc… You can disable them all from the first setup screen when you are upgrading to Windows-10.

When Windows-10 loads itself, it puts the prior version of Windows into a root folder named “Windows.Old” (maybe not with the period, can’t remember).  On the laptop that folder took up about 34-GiB of hard drive.  There is plenty of space on the laptop so I’m not going to delete it soon.  It can be used to revert to the prior OpSys.  If you need to delete it to save space, or figure you don’t want to revert to “old”, just ask Microsoft.com how to delete Windows.Old in W-10.  It’s pretty straight forward but you might have to do it with a clean boot depending on what other stray stuff you had on the computer.

Did I change my desktop?  Nope.  The girls didn’t ever tell me they have any rules for boy stuff.  So, this fun and shopping box is Linux Mint V-18 Cinnamon.   My work box is still W-7 Pro, and will remain so until W-7 Pro breaks and then it will graduate to Linux also.

Anyway, I think so.

You gotta remember the rules.

That is all.  🙂


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