About the Clinton Email Furor…

I hate to take the time for this, but I just have to comment on a whole bushel full of public complaints regarding the 2016 FBI review of Clinton and her email fiasco.

Public and politician’s complaints against Director Comey have become prolific.

 Director Comey was assigned the task of using his resources to investigate the use, by Ex-Secretary Of State Clinton, of her private, unsecured, email server for State Department business. And to find if he could detect any intent to commit a crime, and, most specifically, if any damage was done to our Nation by her reckless use of unsecured, unauthorized, Email communications.  Besides stupidity, which unfortunately is not a crime.

 Director Comey already answered the question of whether she lied to the FBI during the investigation regarding the Email debacle: “No, she did not lie to the FBI.” Do we know what all the questions were that she was asked? Probably not.  Do we know the parameters and limitations the Agents were required to abide by?  Probably not.  Do we know if the circle of support around Ms. Clinton was given excessive considerations for their cooperation? Probably not.  Do we know the actual depth of the investigation regarding access to all correspondence and digital records within the circle of support for Ms. Clinton?  Probably not.  Do we know whether or not the occupant of The People’s House, or one of his cronies, pressured the FBI regarding their investigation of their only shining hope for the future, Ms. Clinton?  Probably only two people in the world know the answer to that question.

Were the emails “hacked”by adversaries to our Nation? If so the investigation could find no server tracks to prove so. “On the other hand”, while OCONUS Clinton probably used local connectivity from hotels etc. Those IP tracks on the server would have been duplicates of what any and all foreign hackers would have been using.  “OTOH” again, the person snooping the Clinton home server could have been living right next door, using a combination of browsers and VPN’s that would appear to be originating somewhere else on the planet.

At any rate, you can bet that any foreign government would never admit tapping into her transmissions at their originating connectivity IP; it would destroy the value of any information they obtained from her emails.  And if they did say they cracked the Clinton system, they are either lying or are unbelievably stupid, or hoping to sew a bit of misinformation.

In the meanwhile, the limited resources of the FBI are being assigned to a whole list of other current matters that presently threaten the physical security of our Republic.

And if someone like Director Comey had been tapped for the 2016 CinC Race, we would not be having the raging political problems we do have.

So please, quit complaining about the quality of his Agent’s work when you and I obviously know nothing about whether they were under undue restrictions of where they could go, or not.

Thank You. :-}


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