Methane killed the Martians

Emergency Warning to USA on Planet Earth For Carbon Footprint Violators: 30 Jan 17.
Today there was a news flash regarding the planet Venus, poor thing. You know; the planet of love, romance and harmony. But something, back in the day, went to shit over there: The Venus atmosphere, temperature, and physical environment is deadly for humans now.
Basically, NASA says the poisonous atmosphere on Venus is the result of “greenhouse” gases overwhelming the original atmosphere. At least, that’s as close as NASA can get to what caused Venus to become such a foreboding environment today. Nobody back in the day left any notes up there apparently. The only other possibilities, they say, would have been too many old gas-burning cars running around. Or possibly too many old Venusian guys eating beans. And the old Venusian EPA’s up there didn’t take care of business. But we do here on Earth, with our carbon-credit investments, hazmat cleanup, trash sorting and so forth.
Like the house across the street: It had a water leak the week before Christmas. Out goes the family, in comes the guys wearing white paper suits, out comes everything from the house. A couple of “cleanup” (says that on the truck) guys have been showing up irregularly for the past month. Sometimes one guy for a couple of hours, sometimes two guys. But if there is two, one always sits in the truck waiting for the other to do whatever it is he’s doing for a few minutes inside the house. Apparently the residence environment will only support one human being at a time, and then for only a short time. I have come to the conclusion that one water-leak equals one retirement-job for the gooders. Here it is eight weeks after Christmas and the family is still living in a motel.
But back to Venus, and their destructive history under their ancient, failed, political system.
The Russians even sent a surface-lander to Venus. It landed, then quickly sent back a bunch of images and information before all the electronics melted in the high Venus surface temperature. They said they were glad it was an un-manned flight. “But”, can you really trust the Russians to tell the truth? Obysmal claims Russians lie all the time. And The BoB wanted to start a war with them. But The Donald says they’re not bad at all if you don’t laugh when you step on their toes or spit in their face. And it really helps if you build a nice hotel in Moscow for their visitors.
So, bottom-line, the present deadly atmosphere of Venus is heavily saturated with methane.
Now, fortunately, the “gooder scientists” are developing for practical use a “real-time methane- detection system” to monitor our entire planet. Because of that “global warming” thingy, you know. That means that wherever there may be a methane leak on the surface of the planet, it will show up on the big-screen detection system (“BSDetSys”). Then the gooders can run right out and plug the hole. And people like our politicians can sell their excess “carbon credits” from their green-industry basket-weaving investments to U.S. Steel who produces the steel for the cars we buy. Oh, wait a minute; the steel industry all moved to China. Along with the production of incandescent lights the gooders put out of business in the U.S. of A.
The Chinese sell unlimited unused carbon credits to the rest of the world. They will never run out of carbon credits to sell to the rest of the world. Apparently since China doesn’t produce carbon emissions. All that shit in the air the poor Chinese citizens are choking on is nothing but a devious fraud perpetrated by the Americans. Read any one of the three thousand newspapers from China for the story. Selling unlimited carbon credits to the rest of the world is a profitable gig indeed if you can get it. Thanks in large measure to the BoB, the Houn’ Dog and the Obsymal.
Remember when our USA gooders scammed everyone into paying them to wear paper-suits, O2 masks, rubber gloves and booties? Whenever someone finds an orange in their cupboard with a spot of mold on it, here come the white-suited gooders wearing oxygen masks. Or when someone discovers a piece of asbestos inside someone’s two-hundred-year-old walls. Or a broken fluorescent lamp leaking a drop of mercury. You know; mercury is that shiny stuff we used to play with all the time. Even broke thermometers open to get some more. Rub it on pennies to look like dimes, rub on our hands to look like some alien with silver skin, and so forth. Amazing thing is; I know one old guy pushing eighty who did all that foolish stuff, all the time. He’s in better health than most guys thirty. But don’t tell the gooders; they’ll throw a fit and change the subject. You can’t win a pissing contest with skunks.
But back to poor Venus, the greenhouse gas victim of our solar system. And the methane snoop device soon to wind up in real time on Planet Earth.
Just imagine this picture; a big underground dot-gov room, with a hundred big video screens reading the signals sent from a hundred satellites. A hundred guys in blue suits watching quietly, intently, for any tell-tale leak of methane on the Earth’s surface where the USA lives. The alarm bells ring when a wisp of methane shows on one of the screens.
Emergency! Emergency! Ring the klaxon bells of hell! Activate the **SWAMP teams!
All I can say about that, is this;
We all might just as well get prepared for that knock on the door. Four guys in dark suits. They’ll be wearing sun glasses. Packing methane gas extinguishers. And laser-beam weapons. They’re not putting up with any of those unregulated methane-producing bean-eaters like polluted Venus back-in-the-day!
You’ll recognize who they are: The guys in dark suits all look exactly alike and have robot voices. But don’t underestimate them or their laser-beam weapons. You cannot make them bleed with your Colt .45, or your AR, or your machete. The only thing you can hope for is their solar-powered battery might run down.
They’ll introduce themselves as;
“Mr. Smith #1, Mr. Smith #2, Mr. Smith #3, and Mr. Smith #4.
That is all for now.
**Special Weapons Against Methane Producers


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