Planet Of The Apes – Revisited

Many early Science Fiction stories have actually preceded the fact. Could it happen again?
A memorable Quote by “George Taylor” (Charlton Heston) from “Planet of the Apes”. Actually, while watching this, I found “Planet Of The Apes” to be a bit spooky. Interesting, entertaining, but spooky.
I’ll never forget Charlton’s rendition of the returning astronaut, George Taylor, realizing “man” had destroyed human civilization. I find it spooky that our pre-eminent defense adviser would make this particular connection with today’s out of control internet in-security.
George Taylor: “You Maniacs! You blew it up! Ah, DAMN you! G.. DAMN you all to HELL !”
So now, we fast-forward fifty years to March, 2017: If you don’t know the term: “The Internet Of Things”, you probably won’t appreciate the warning from (Real Person) Dr. Curtis Levinson.
(quote)..At the IWCE conference in Las Vegas, Curtis Levinson, United States cyber defense adviser to NATO, explained that the vast majority of Internet of Things devices sitting on the public internet are vulnerable to an array of cyber-exploits. And many of those “things” can be weaponized. Smartphones can transform into full-color, full-motion bugging devices. Self-driving cars could be programmed to crash. The electrical grid could be knocked offline. There’s seemingly no limit to the possibilities. “My general rule is: If I can think of it, somebody else is already doing it,” Levinson said. Unless we protect our ‘things,’ we are going to get to the Planet of the Apes.(/quote)
What was most eye-opening about Levinson’s talk, however, was his conclusion: “Unless we protect our ‘things,’ we are going to get to the Planet of the Apes,” he surmised. Technological vendors are deploying IoT technology exponentially faster than they are protecting it. Think; a “swarm” of weaponized quad-copters attacking an outdoor (or, an indoor; a swarm can navigate obstacles) ball game with 6,000 spectators…….
(For a partial list of “Things”, DuckDuckGo browse yourself over to iotlist-dot-co. There are “Things” that I never knew about. But they left off your TV, fridge, stove, cellphone, computer, webcam, city water-sewer-electrical utilities, National Defense, etc. Apparently they considered those way to common knowledge to list.)
For the IWCE conference report just DuckDuckGo yourself to the phrase: [What’s the worst thing that could happen with IoT security? The U.S. Cyber Defense Advisor to NATO fears an IoT-induced Armageddon]. Your destination will be the very top, obvious wording, choice.
“Skynet, anyone?”


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