Are They Listening Now?

Just wondering if anyone is listening now. Years ago I warned our legislators, and anyone else who would listen, about the dangers of storing “spent rods” in our western desert. Of course, “money talks, BS walks” and therefore all the good folks dining at the tables of those marketers who want to get paid for storing those spent rods in our back yard, from all over the planet, for big bucks, said I was not absolutely correct.  Of course, what could they say, after dining at the table of the marketers?

So, just why is Japan today having such a monstrous problem with their spent fuel rods when the cold running water slowed down?  Evacuating of residents as far away as Tokyo?

“…The spent rods contain more radiation than the reactor core……..!!!!!”

The theoretical safety of spent rod “Dry Storage” you say?  (Pardon me while I laugh). “Bubba, that’s a terrorist’s wet-dream!”

To put your question to rest; “Yes, I do consider nuclear power to be one of the best available in the available technology “today”.  “Properly designed, built, located, managed, and maintained.”  Along with wind, solar, geothermal, clean coal, natural gas, and domestic dead-dinosaur juice (my word for “oil”) we could be self-sufficient in the good old U.S.A.  But that’s another subject held hostage by the inability of poli-tic-ians to wean themselves from dependency on political donations from special interest groups.  Your opinion may vary.

One more time, politicians: Quit selling our safety for money!

One more time Europe: Keep your own spent fuel rods in your own back yard!

One more time everyone else: You burn ‘em, you keep ‘em!

I Told 'Ya So!

Good Trash, Bad Trash, and Why Should We Care

(c)K.G.Lawton, February 2008 Musings about CBN (“Chemical, Biological, Nuclear”) problems and interactions.

Iodine-129 (Or, more accurately; “129I”) is a radioisotope of iodine.What is a radioisotope”?  It is an unstable nucleus of Iodine.  What is a “Radionucleide”?  Radionucleide may also be called Radioisotopes.

(*Note:  If you just want the “bottom line”, it’s at the very end of this paper.)

There are both radioactive and non-radioactive isotopes of iodine.

Iodine-129 and Iodine-131 occur naturally in the environment. They are not, in their naturally occurring state, exceptionally dangerous to humans. There are also other isotopes of iodine.

Two are I-123 and I-124. These have become valuable to medicine. They are not a problem to humans, as they have rather brief half-lives before decaying.

Iodine-129 and iodine-131 (the radioactive ones, not to be confused with the natural ones) are created during fission of uranium in nuclear reactors (nuclear power plants, nuclear vessels or nuclear bombs).

When created by nuclear bombs, the quantity of radioactive iodine is so massive that the radioactive isotopes are extremely deadly.  The human thyroid collects the radioactive Iodine where it stays until you die.

Actually, the human thyroid collects any Iodine isotopes, it just can’t tell the difference between the good stuff and the bad stuff.

Death from radioactive poisoning is usually a very short, gruesome, process.  Unless it becomes a longer, gruesome, process.

In the Army, our medical units had supplies of “good iodine” (in the form of Potassium Iodine tablets) in stock in case the troops were exposed to a radioactive environment.  By taking the Potassium Iodine tabs the thyroid would soak up the good iodine, leaving no space for the radioactive iodine.  One step to help you stay alive after a nuclear event.

Radioactive iodine isotopes have the same properties as stable iodine.  Radioactive iodine isotopes decay with time. Usually lots of time.  I-I29 decays in more than a million years, 1-131 decays in a couple of weeks.  Give or take.

Radioactive Iodine-129 and iodine-131 are products of the fission process.  These isotopes form inside the rods as fission takes place.  Massive amounts are also produced as a result of any nuclear explosion.

By way of mention, Strontium 90 (SR-90) is another product of nuclear explosion and does not occur naturally in our environment. It has a half-life of about 30 years.  Even so, the quantities seem to be nearly negligible concerning human health.  SR-90 is also produced minimally by normal nuclear power plant operations but is nearly undetectable with the best equipment.  Strontium 90 when taken in from a nuclear explosion is identified by the human body as being mere calcium.  It settles in the same places as calcium does; bones and teeth.  Not, however, in quantities considerably more concentrated than medical x-ray examinations. Strontium 90 is also present in our environment from previous above ground nuclear bomb explosions.

Now to get to the part of this subject that may concern the residents of Utah, among others:

When used nuclear fuel rods are taken from their core environment, radioactive Iodines-129 and 131 do escape into the earth’s atmosphere.  In the past, spent nuclear rods were processed with acids, which process released the radioactive iodines-129 and 131 into our atmosphere. This acid-processing phase was used to recover certain other valuable materials that we really don’t care about in this discussion.  Spent rods are supposedly no longer processed because of legitimate concerns regarding the release of I-129 and I-131 during the processing.

Spent rods are now supposedly (supposed to be) stored “as-is”, avoiding the release of Radioactive I-129 & 131.When spent nuclear fuel rods are stored, the short-lived iodine-131 they contain decays within a few weeks. Unfortunately, the Iodine-129 remains lurking, spending its life over the space of something like 16-million years, …give or take.

Preventing deadly 1-129 from leaking into the atmosphere is a serious and difficult process requiring eternal monitoring of the containment system and area security.  For years now, ever since nuclear submarines were built, their spent rods have been stored in Idaho. Unmarked tractor-trailer rigs have brought them west for years. At least one time they had a nondescript van with darkened windows following.  You have never noticed these shipments simply because they are not announced beforehand. Nor, by the way, afterward unless necessary for some reason.

There is a company in Utah, “Energy Solutions”, that wants permission to store spent nuclear rods from overseas in our western desert. These rods are the same type of rods which are stored in Idaho and they have the same dangerous radioisotope; radioactive Iodine-129.

When Iodine changes forms it goes directly from a solid to a gaseous state that of course is released into the air. It makes the sudden change to its gaseous state somewhere under 300-degrees F.  Therefore, to any terrorist, or enemy combatant country, those radioactive Iodine-129 spent-rod repositories would be prime targets, after major cities. Not only would the radioactive Iodine from nuclear missiles be spread all over North America, the massive boost gained from the gasification of radioactive 1-129 from all those spent rods being explosively processed in temperatures somewhat higher than 300-degrees Fahrenheit would become a monster the citizens downwind from the explosion could never deal with. Color everyone dead.  Also color all the topsoil dead wherever the radioactive 1-129 happened to fall, including the waterways.  Color the continent dead.

But now for the only good news; what you can do to prepare against radioactive iodine poison.

Good iodine in the form of Potassium Iodine (Kl) or Potassium lodate (KI03) can saturate the body and thyroid with good iodine, thereby preventing radioactive iodine from being taken into the thyroid. Both types (Kl and KI03) will accomplish this benefit. There are, however, significant preferences between the two:

Kl is not easy to take because of the taste.  It also has a short shelf life so preservatives must be added.   KI03 has no adverse taste therefore even children can easily take it.  It is available at very reasonable cost and has an exceptionally long shelf life when unopened.  Of course, don’t open it until a nuclear event threatens your health.

“Iodized Salt” cannot do the same thing for nuclear fallout problems because it is impossible to saturate the thyroid with good iodine from any dietary sources including iodized table salt.  Iodized table salt is, however, extremely valuable in the prevention of iodine deficiency and should be used regularly with food.  So-called “Sea Salt” has only negligible amounts of iodine and is therefore not useful in the prevention of iodine deficiency.

*NOTE: Next Page is the “bottom line” for those who did not want to read the whole paper:

“The Bottom Line”

Radioactive Iodine is a deadly product of nuclear events; (bombs or spent reactor rods).Radioactive Iodine will be absorbed by the thyroid and will kill you in a miserable manner.You can defeat the radioactive iodine by flooding your thyroid with good iodine before the bad arrives. The preferred method of flooding your thyroid with good iodine is with Potassium Iodate tablets (K103).  K103 is inexpensive, has a very long shelf life, and is available without a prescription.  And, “BTW”; doctors, hospitals nor Homeland Security will have any for you in an emergency.  Read that twice, because they won’t even have any for their own needs!
I got mine from an old retired Marine who runs a decent camping website.  But you can get yours from a hundred other places for a hundred different prices.

Of course, all sources are “backordered” right now.  But that’s because nobody listened to me in the first place.  “First Ordered, First Served” is what you will likely find at the sources for fresh outlets for K103.  Don’t panic; just place your order and wait for the supplies to refresh.  And, if you place your order then happen to find another source, don’t delete your original order, let it process.    “Are you listening this time?” 

(*Note 21 July 2008*) If anyone thinks this plan for nuclear storage in our west desert is someone’s daydream, think again: In just the past week our “Representatives” in D.C. and the University of Utah received massive financial donations from the company wanting legislative permission to store the world’s supply of spent rods downwind from us.  They claim they can provide “security” for these killers.  Anyone who believes any company (or any government, for that matter) can provide “security for millions of years”, has been smoking too much of that stuff that grows wild along the ditches.  “Follow the cash”, is not just an idle thought. “Money Talks, Bullshit Walks!” (Danny DeVito, in “Twins”)

Be prudent; get your own K103 on hand, protect your family against the future.

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Changing From MS Live To WordPress

Microsoft has partnered with to migrate the “Microsoft Live” customer B-Logs to a more robust environment.  This is the first post after migration from Microsoft Live.  On the one hand, I’m sorry to see “MS Live” terminate.  On the other hand, I have to hand it to Microsoft for adding value to the MS B-Log features.

“Goodbye MS Live, Hello WordPress” 🙂

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Facebook, Schmacebook!

Some time ago some of our friends insisted we needed a “facebook account”.   Sure wish we’d have ignored them.

  “Why?”, you ask; “It’s a neat place to keep in contact with your friends…”, you say.

“Bull-crappie”, I say.  The only thing I see on that so-called “Wall” are endless examples of people who have way too much time on their hands and are spending it in the wrong place.

What face book actually is, for those who cannot see it for themselves, is a gigantic marketing sponge, sucking up all information available on everyone who is there plus all their “friends”, their friends friends, and so on to an endless database.  Facebook harvests personal information from their own site, plus cross-references it from every other available source on the planet.  This type of database is priceless to marketers, employers, banks, government, and prospective employers.  And extremely helpful to anyone who want to know who you hang out with, what your language is like and your opinions, when you think you are not being watched.

Go ahead, just try to delete an entry from some “friend of a friend” who has posted something offensive on your facebook.  Cannot be done.  At least, not with any of the tools provided by the facebook “community”.  Facebook knows who you are, who all your friends are, and who all their friends are.  And they can use it anyway they want to.

The CIA trying to implement Carnivore (an email tracking program) were thinking like amateurs compared to what Facebook has accomplished.  It is absolutely impossible to understand why the citizens rose up in a furor at the thought of Carnivore, and then flock like a herd of sheep to Facebook where they post everything about their families, friends, tastes, appetites, likes and dislikes.  As well as displaying their inability to spell correctly or refrain from using foul language.

Guess it’s just a sign of the times.  Guess I’ll just click on up and see who visited me on Facebook today…….

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God Bless The Boston Tea Party!

(… Not to be confused with the 2010 American Tea Partiers…)

  Anyone who still can’t figure out why

our Forefathers (The Lord Bless Them and hold them close to His side…) split the sheets with England, held the Boston Tea Party and kicked the Redcoats out of our Country,

just keep on reading…

  When the Beatles sang "The Taxman", they were paying the Crown 95% of their earnings, which was the subject’s "tax bracket" they were in.  Thus, the line;

"One for you, and nineteen for me, ’cause I’m the taxman…"

  The same "brackets" still exist in England, their system as not changed in over a half century.  Why should it?  The Crown has a good thing going.

  But it’s about to get even better… For the Crown, at least.

  The Beatles had "noooo-ideaaaa" what the Crown would come up with that beat their song all to the very old devil, but you can read about it at the below link:

And, if you don’t want to go to the link, here’s the “Short Story”:

  “The Crown”, will have all employers send the paychecks for all the employees to “The Crown”.  The Crown will deduct what they believe is a fair tax, fees, etc, depending on the needs of the day, and then send what is left on to the employee.

And if that isn’t a bunch of bullhocky-doodoo worthy of a brand new “London Tea Party”, then the Limeys are really a lot worse suckers than some people believe them to be already.

Oh, wait, I forgot; Limeys can’t have a Tea Party, because the subjects simply do not have any firearms.

King George-III took care of that troublesome little detail after he lost “The Colonies”.

I’ve never been able to figure out why the English ever allowed the Germans to become “The Crown” anyway, let alone why they still keep them.  If you can put any kind of logic or reason to it all, let me know.

And so it goes.

Best Regards, Ken

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Think First, Don’t be a “Sheeple”

Uhhhh, “What’s a Sheeple?” you ask?  Well, that’s someone who just follows along, believes everything that comes down the pike, especially if it’s sensational or highly critical of someone.  Usually that “someone” is a politician or other poor sap that gets into the public eye.  Or it could be just “Joe Schmuck”.

When you get an email that has been sent to the whole world, and it is sensational beyond belief, there are a couple of ways to “check it out” before using up time and bandwidth sending it to even more people who might believe it.

Here is one place you can search, but you really need to use two references because one of them is just a bit slanted towards one extreme or another.  So by using both references you will get a balanced view and find the “Rest of the story”. is probably the oldest “urban legend” resource, but they sometimes word things a bit slanted to one view or another.  But they’re O.K. is also a good place to check out a rumor.  They usually just tell it like it is, in plain language, using the shortest version that can explain it.

So, how do you use them?  Just go to their website (the blue print is a link) and put the subject of your question into their domain search window.  Using key words will usually get you the story.

It sure beats sending a false story to all your friends!

Have a good one, Ken

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About Retiring OCONUS (“Outside Continental United States”)

Seems everyone is passing around wise tips of where to retire on oceanfront property around the world.  Usually for “chump-change” compared to most expenses in the USA.  You can find these realtor-generated ideas both on T.V. and on the internet, sometimes even invading your email.

“Methinks they are all, more or less, full of doggydoodoo”.

Before you listen to someone tell you all the benefits of moving OCONUS to retire like the rich and famous, you might want to do a little research on the location.  Some of them might just get your brain back into thinking mode.

In a group of guys I discuss things with, there are a generous number of attorneys, government agents (FBI, IRS, Military…) who are level-headed and rather comfortable to discuss subjects with.  Very few radicals and they don’t last long.  The one thing we all have in common is our respect for the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, and in particular the Second Amendment securing citizens rights to self protection for themselves and their families.  All of which has generated the best living conditions on earth.

One of the guys, with tongue-in-cheek, posted an article from some finance website that you could retire in luxury for $1500.00/month in Belize. 

One of the other guys asked about the gun laws in Belize, and I posted the following:

You guys can have my share of Belize. And a whole bunch of other places outside the USA. 😉

“In Belize, only three groups are armed. The Belize Defense Force, the National Colonial Police and the crooks/bandit/criminals. Innocent citizens are VERY vulnerable, the same as was the case in Rwanda…”  The rest of the story is at this link:

So, good friends, before you jump onto anyone’s bandwagon regarding becoming an expat living in some foreign land, either do your own research on the subject or ask someone who knows how to dig up the dirt on some supposed dream spot, whether just across a border or over some piece of big water, or on another continent.   

And that’s my words of wisdom for today.

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What is “Just One Vote” Worth?

Last weekend here in Utah we had the 2010 State Nominating Convention for House of Representatives.  Among other political offices.

Candidate Lee B. Perry ( competed for House District-2 against long time incumbent Ben Ferry (  Ben seemed to not be in quite as much controversy as long time Senator Bob Bennett was ( who also lost the bid for unopposed re-election.  On the other hand, Ben seems to have been loosing traction with enough Box Elder/Cache County residents (reasons not a subject of this memo) that his tenure in the Utah House will apparently be ended soon.  Unless he tries for a write-in campaign.  Like Senator Bennett says he might consider.  For whatever good any “write-in campaign has ever been historically three bottle caps in Utah.

So, what is one vote worth?  Lee Perry got 60.5% of the nominating votes, to put him over the 60% “Supermajority” which is required in Utah to avoid a runoff campaign.

That 1/2% over the sixty-percent mark was thanks to… “just one vote”. 

Some folks seem to think the “supermajority” should be done away with, and let anyone who gets 20% (or so) of the nominating votes should be on the ticket.

Maybe those who espouse that idea are related to the money-lenders who would profit from the campaign expense of wannabes thrashing in the surf trying to beat a leader.  

Congratulations, Lee Perry, and we hope you are extremely successful as our new District-2 Representative in the Utah House!  🙂

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